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Monday, March 1, 2010

HBi5: Southwestern Pizza with Olive Oil Bread

Do you know what I'm loving right now? Costco's Shrimp Wonton Soup. I know, I'm a cheater and should really be making stuff like this myself, but it sure comes in handy after being body slammed by the stomach flu. Ugh, and I thought I'd escaped it this year. My little girl has it too, and while it's no fun being sick alongside your kids, at least you all get nice long healing naps together, which is what I plan to do right after I'm done posting this! But seriously, try this soup if you need quick meals on the run. The best part is that it's only 2 or three points for the entire bowl, now that's good eatin!

I'm not going to lie, this round of HBi5 was a bit depressing for me. It wasn't the dough, the bread, or even this pizza, but one little ingredient that I just can't seem to conquer, GOAT CHEESE! I've always held a bit of pride in the fact that there is hardly anything out there that I actively don't like, and it's true. Sure, I prefer some foods over others, but to practically gag at the very idea of a certain food is very rare to me, except when it comes to goat cheese. And I really WANT to like goat cheese, but I think I'm about ready to throw in the towel. I tried. I really did. Everything else about the pizza was great. Spicy southwestern flavors, sweet corn, juicy pieces of chicken thigh. But I wish instead of forcing myself to like goat cheese, I had just used mozzerella, or Monterey Jack. Unfortunately every bite that I took (with a forced smile on my face), was accompanied with the need to gag and a sinking feeling of dispair. It just wasn't meant to be Goat Cheese. I hope we can still be friends, or perhaps penpals.

Since I haven't been feeling up to snuff, I have yet to use the rest of the bread. Tonight I'll be making rolls for dinner, assuming anyone wants to eat. And I may just make some buttery cinnamon sugar sticks for my kids. Hey, it's whole-wheat bread, which means it will still be very healthy, right? Check out the rest of the HBi5 gang here and HAPPY MARCH!

Friday, February 12, 2010

HBi5: Red Beet Cheese Buns and Chocolate Cinnamon Bread

Happy Valentine's weekend! I really love Valentines Day. I love the aisles at the store that are full of pink and red. And I think it's great that we have a day to celebrate love, which according to John Lennon, is all we need!

The breads for this week were chosen wisely as they both reflect the holiday in different ways. The red beet buns were an obvious for their red color. I'll be honest, I wasn't that excited about this particular bread, but my curiosity kept me from skipping it. As it turns out, this has been my favorite so far! Of course the fact that I stuffed the buns full of cheese probably helped, but seriously, I loved the red "beety-onion-y" flavor of this bread. And the best veggie/fruit hating son ate about three of these! (evil're eating beets little boy!)

I made the dough per the instructions, and when it came time to bake them, I rolled the dough out to about an inch thickness, and spread garlic powder, Parmesan, mozzarella and sharp provolone. I rolled it up jelly style, sliced and baked. Pretty much like a savory cinnamon roll. The only downside is that the dough made my fridge smell pretty funky, but it was worth it. I'll be making this again!

The second bread was supposed to be a chocolate-espresso combination, but neither of us are coffee drinkers, and my husband finds the flavor of coffee abominable. So, instead I added a good helping of ground cinnamon for a nice subtle bite to the bread. Before baking the bread I worked in some extra chocolate chunks, the zest of an orange and some dried cherries and cranberries. It came out a very fun and pretty loaf of bread, but I wasn't too crazy about the taste. Since it's still a yeast bread, it never got too sweet and lacked a bit in flavor. It's basically something that you have to turn INTO a dessert. So I did what any sensible chocolate lover would do, smothered it in Nutella and strawberries. Now we're talking.

I think this bread has a lot of possibilities for a lot of fun desserts, however, I don't see myself making it again. I just think if I'm going to spend my calories making and eating a dessert, it's going to be something a little less...uh healthy!
Be sure to check out the other wonderful HBi5 entries here.

Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend my friends!

Friday, January 29, 2010

CEiMB and HBi5

Normally I'm supposed to post Craving Ellie in My Belly on Thursdays, but yesterday my brain was only functioning at 50%. The night before I thought I'd act like a college student and stay out half the night with some girlfriends, great times, but I'm left braindead the next day! So, it wasn't until noon today that it hit me "I never posted CEiMB!" My apologies to the folks in the group, but hopefully my "two-in-one" post will make up for it.

This week for CEiMB we made Emerald Stir Fry with Beef, hosted by . Now, I enjoy a good stir fry, but I do have to be careful not to make them too often because my husband tends to think that they all taste the same, and he's just not that crazy about them.

I made quite a few changes with this stir fry. I used green beans and a frozen veggie mix in place of the sugar snap peas and asparagus. I also added a little sugar to the sauce to sweeten it a bit. It was good, everyone was pleased, but I do think I have to side with Glenn and agree that it did taste about the same as every other stir fry I make. A delicious dish, just not that exciting. Maybe we'll do shrimp or scallops next time? That might mix it up a bit. You can find the recipe

And now for HBi5. The starter this week was a bit different, calling for more things like honey and eggs and I liked it! I made the loaf of bread, which got eaten very fast. It was sweet, soft and great with sandwiches, especially my all time favorite one.

And I made the hamburger buns. The tops were brushed with a bit of butter and sprinkled with a bit of garlic salt, my favorite condiment! To fill them we made our favorite burgers ever. The recipe comes from one of my Weight Watcher cookbooks and they are fantastic. Ground beef mixed with a whole variety of veggies and seasonings, then we just grill them on our Foreman. They have a ton of flavor and would satisfy anyone, whether they're dieting or not!

Mushroom BurgersWeight Watchers New Complete Cookbook


2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 red or yellow bell pepper, seeded and finely chopped
1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons minced carrot
2 tablespoons minced celery
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 cups finely chopped mushrooms
3/4 pound lean ground beef
1 tablespoon steak sauce
salt and pepper


1. In a medium nonstick skillet, heat the oil. Saute the bell pepper, onion, carrot, celery and garlic until the onion is translucent, 8-10 minutes. Add the mushrooms; saute until the mushrooms brown and the liquid evaporates, about 8 minutes. Cool to room temperature.

2. Spray the broiler racl with nonstick cooking spray; preheat the broiler. In a medium bowl, combine the mushroom mixture, beef, steak sauce, salt and pepper. Form into 4 hamburgers. Broil the burgers 3-4 inches from heat, 5-7 minutes each side, or grill in Foreman Grill.

Serves 4

Per Serving: 153 cal, 8g fat, 3g sat fat, 44mg sod, 1g fiber

Points per Serving: 4

Unfortunately I waited too long to do my apple strudel bread, and the starter wasn't good anymore, drat! I will definitely try it another time though! I'm excited to see how the rest of you clubbers did and have a fantastic weekend ya'll!

Friday, January 15, 2010

HBi5: Loaf of Bread, Epi, and Crackers

My first HBi5 post, and I think I'm sold with their concept. The whole way it works is you make a big batch of starter dough, which stays good in your fridge for up to two weeks. As the week goes by, you can cut pieces off of the starter as you please and make a large variety of fun breads. Plus, it's healthy!

This round was pretty simple. I started out with making a simple loaf of bread.

The bread was rich and delicious and had a wonderful nutty softness to it. We used it to make these paninis (what else!)

Inspired by Cooking Light, it is loaded with spinach, bacon, caramelized red onions and garlic, and a low-fat white cheddar. Talk about a rich and hearty sandwich, I was full for the rest of the night!

Later in the week I made an Epi shaped loaf of bread. It was fun and amazingly easier to make. It was also fun to tear off the individual "grains" and eat them as rolls. Again, wonderful wheaty flavor.

Coming in last, and probably my favorite were these great crackers. Rolled very thin and dusted with kosher salt and chili powder, they were crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and great with lowfat cheddar cheese or cottage cheese. My kids also loved them!

So far, I'm very excited about this book!
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